Marco Aiello

November, 2023

It took four months for Marco, Jessica and Pate', a former Northamptonshire stray cat, to find a place to call home, in the lovely Huntington.
With zero knowledge, they managed to secure a nice cluster house with a big garden, where Pate' will have hours of pleasurable time!
Human beings, and not just another case on a file: that's the kind of reassuring feeling they had since day one.
Along the process, many other professionals were introduced to them: the conveyancer, the RICS surveyor, the outstanding mortgage broker, the life insurance broker. All of them on the same wavelength of the estate agents: humble, hard working, supporting and highly professional.
It wasn't easy due to issues with the tenant who was buying a property in turn, delaying the chain, and with the seller's power of attorney about to be revoked because of the life critical conditions of the house owner. But all of this got managed without us being concerned, being backed up by such an outstanding team: they literally burned the midnight oil to make it go as smoothly as possible, regardless of the challenging situation.
Thank you Jodie, Justin, Megan, James.
With gratitude.
Marco, Jessica and Pate'.

Marco Aiello - Nov 10, 2023