Simone Ledda

December, 2023

Very provessional agency has helped me out in my first-time buy.
Everything went according to plan.
They have an in-house mortgage broker service from Expert Financial. That has been beneficial to take care of the mortgage and funds bit with very useful tips and sound advice.
A big thank you to Paul here is in order.

Good communication among agency-solicitors-customers to keep everyone on the same page.
Easy to book house viewings and getting confirmation reminders.

Tips for improvement I'd say maybe 30 minutes slot as default viewing time rather than 20mins for a booking.

Special mention to Charley for taking good care of me during the whole process and a big thank you also to the rest of the team for the hard work that took place to get it done and I didn't directly see.


Simone Ledda - Dec 5, 2023