Davide Avellini

December, 2022

My experience with Harvey Robinson is a 5 star award!
Everything has gone well and smooth! From the advertisement until we sold the house and again now they are still calling to see if I am happy and settled.
They are always there to help and follow you.
Katie, which followed my sale, has been exceptional and amazing.
She was often calling and mailing my lazy solicitors, pushing them to make the process quicker, sometimes suggesting them what to do.
She was constantly updating me on where the process was and which the following step would have been.
Also Sophie has been very helpful and patient taking pictures of the house.
I am very happy with Harvey Robinson, they let me choose the price I wanted for the sale, they let us to retake the pictures of the house as many times as we wished.
The advertisement was very well made.
I used them twice, I bought from them 5 yers ago, and I would definitely use them again if I need in the future.

Davide Avellini - Dec 29, 2022